My Journey & Passions

I hope you’ve checked out my Coaching and Speaking pages to find out about my journey and passions… but if you’re a “bullet point” person… here are a few things about me.

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The Basics

  • I have been a dentist since 2002 and lead a team of 18
  • I have been married to the love of my life, the fabulous Amy Recker (I married way up), since 1997
  • We have 2 boys

I still love being a dentist after 20 years. I lead an amazing team and love to impact my people and my patients. I have seen needs in my team and patients and want to help. I am a lifelong learner, and I can’t help but turn around and teach!

The Building Blocks

  • I have been a pilot since 2018
  • I have traveled to 12 countries and 46 states
  • I grew up in Pella, Iowa

Growing up in the middle of the United States in a rural community has built my character and has encouraged me to reach outside my comfort zone to experience the world. I love to learn and explore the world.

The Journey

  • I am a recovering triathlete, completing 20+ races up to the Ironman level. Yes, I have the tattoo.
  • I have ridden my bike across the state of Iowa in a day three times
  • I have been to the top of the mountains (many, including Kilimanjaro) and didn’t find the answer there
  • I am passionate about helping people #WINtheNOW and believe that good days are ahead

And now for the best part. What I no longer do. Keep reading…

I used to do that…I don’t anymore

I used to dread Mondays.

→ Now I have a healthier relationship with the first day of my work week.

I used to live in fear. Of what others thought of me. Of needing to be everything to everyone. Of burning out.
→ Now I am learning my limits and having a healthier relationship with myself.

I used to be addicted to dopamine hits from my phone.

→ Now I learned the value of pause.

I used to be super reactive.
→ Now realize that my response is what I can control, and am growing in my ability to measure my words before I use them.

I used to be distracted and absent from the present moment.
→ Now I am learning to be in the same place my feet are.

I used to look at the number for my business multiple times a day, and my mood would match the numbers.
→ Now I am getting back to what matters and focusing on people.

I used to crush myself with busy work and never get my list checked off.
→ Now I am purposeful about my work and have a lot more to show for my time. And it feels purposeful.

I used to have coaching, speaking, blogging, posting, and podcasting to work on and could never sort out the importance.
→ Now I block my schedule and work with a purpose.

I used to feel the need to read and re-read so many books.
→ Now I am more purposeful about the content I take in and make sure it is applicable to what I am trying to do and who I am trying to become.

I used to put all kinds of unrealistic expectations on myself.
→ Now I am learning my limits and setting boundaries. saying either my best yes or no.

I have been mentoring and coaching most of my life. As a Certified Elite Success Coach, I work with high-achiever personalities who want to #WINtheNOW and enjoy life while realizing their goals.

If you can relate. Check out my Coaching page.