That Dam Analogy

First of all, thanks for making it through the book! It is always a big accomplishment to make it to the end of a book. So congratulate yourself. And I know you did it, because you made it here. And I am honored and humbled that you are here!

Let me just say this, as I have been asked several times about it. I am very much a Jesus guy. I don’t always love the term Christian because of some of the baggage around that term. I am trying to be a disciple of Jesus. That is how I want to be known. As a disciple. And people ask me- why don’t you write Christian books?

The answer is simple, but I still don’t think everyone gets it. I love books that sit on the shelf under the Christian section. I truly do. But that is not where I am called to write. I am called to write for the marketplace. I am called to write to a wider audience. My hope is that they will find their way to a chapter like this and discover where my heart is. If my book only stays in the Christian section, many people will not pick it up. I want it to reach a ton of people. So I cast a little wider net.

With that being said, I want to share the true secret to That Dam Analogy. It is super simple, but not easy.

Are you ready?

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