Life In The In-Between

Dec 2, 2023

Raise your hand…

If you love the big moments of life.  The mountaintop experiences.  The home runs.  Celebrations.  Parties.  The big stuff.  The vacations, big purchases, and big events on the calendar.  I expect most hands to be raised.  Mine certainly is.

I am a huge proponent…

Of having joy on the calendar.  I think it is a huge way to create the joy of anticipation, which the research shows is almost as significant as the event itself.  And more significant than looking at the event in the rearview mirror.  Pretty simple really- if you have a joyful event on your calendar, no matter how small or insignificant (think ice cream or coffee run), you are happier than those who don’t.  Give it a try and let me know.  But trust me- it works.  And it is HUGE!

But what about the bulk of our lives…

Which are lived in between the mountain peaks.  In between the amazing moments of life.  We truly live the majority of our lives in the everyday.  The mundane.  And it can look very gray.  The color goes away as we just simply exist.  Wake up.  Go to work.  Come home.  Sit on the couch.  Do it again tomorrow.  Live for the weekend so we can get up, sit on the couch, work ourselves into a frenzy completing projects, or somewhere in between.  And then we get ready for all of it next week.

I love to travel…

And I would love to do it even more.  But I know this- the majority of my life is lived in between traveling.  So how do we truly enjoy the moments of our lives that are sandwiched in between the big stuff?  Here are a few suggestions.

1. Have joy on the calendar

I said it before and will say it again.  Have the next thing on your calendar so you can anticipate it and look forward to it.  Remember- doesn’t have to be significant, just joyful.  Always have at least one thing. Even as simple as a 15-minute window to listen to your favorite music, podcast, or open a book to read a chapter.

2. Enjoy simple pleasures

One of the easiest ways to grab a win is to enjoy the simple things in life.  A green light that is usually red.  A sunrise or sunset.  The colors of the sky or grass or your favorite flower.  The voice of a friend or family member on the phone.  Quiet- remember that thing that we almost never get.  When is the last time you heard the sound of silence?

3. Find significance in your work

Think on this- what is your favorite part of your job.  Even if you mostly dislike it, what is one thing you like.  For me, it is all about people and relationships.  So I find more ways to incorporate great conversations and relationships into my dental practice.  And I find ways to speak to groups and organizations so I can create more relationships and people contacts.  What is your thing at work?  And how can you do more of it.

I love the big stuff as much as you…

But I realize that most of life is small stuff.  Everyday stuff.  My question I will leave you with is this- how can you find wins in the everyday?  And if you are struggling with that answer, reach out.  Let’s have a conversation.  Like I said, I love people and relationships and would love to help if I can.  Remember this- we get one shot at life.  Let’s #WINtheNOW!  And if you or someone you know could use some easy wins- check out my newsletter, full of free ideas to grab some W’s in this life!




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