Our Past- Teacher Or Anchor?

Oct 2, 2022

Can you imagine the feeling of freedom? It’s not as far away as we thing!

Those who know me, know that I have a history of being bullied during my formative years. That part of my story was a heavy anchor for me for over 35 years. It is only recently that I have cut the chain and left that anchor behind after learning the lessons I was supposed to learn.

What lessons are those? I suspect a few of them may ring true for others.

They include the fact that I am enough the way I am. I don’t have to be everything to everyone and I don’t have to have all the answers. And I certainly don’t have to be the absolute best at everything so that people will pick me and recognize me.

Phew. That’s a lot of baggage to carry for almost half a lifetime, right?

But when words are spoken over you and you believe those words that said you aren’t good enough, where do you go?

All of that crap was an anchor. It prevented me from reaching my full potential. It prevented me from believing I had value. It tethered me. It caused me to plateau in my beliefs.
But that was never the intent. I certainly don’t believe that I deserved the bullying or that God, in his infinite wisdom, would cause it.

We live in a broken world with broken people doing the things that broken people do- taking it out on others and lording it over them. However, God can redeem any of your situations and any of your stuff. You just have to be willing to let him.

To believe he can and will do it.

Our past is a great teacher if we will allow ourselves to listen. We can learn so much from the things that happen to us, the relationships we have that succeed and those that fail. From the times we are on top of the world and the times we are at rock bottom.

The key is to take the time to learn and then move on. The only way is forward. At least the only way with hope.

Or we can allow our past to be an anchor. A small anchor can keep a cruise ship from moving. It can keep a hot air balloon on the ground. And it can certainly limit us.

I cut the anchor cord on my past and refuse to let it define me anymore. It took a long time. But I persevered and trusted the process and trusted that God is in the process. And I leaned hard on my inner circle to help me process and move on.

So what are you holding onto from your past? If it is anchoring you and holding you back, talk to God about it. Talk to a trusted friend. Talk to a counselor. Process it- so it doesn’t have to hold you back!

I promise you- you are not alone. Just think of a life untethered, unanchored, free.

It may be closer than you think!

How’s that for #WINtheNOW?


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