True Meaning Or Just More Stuff

May 9, 2023

Have you ever looked at the things you own…

And reflected on their meaning?

Or do you just chase and acquire, chase and acquire, all along feeling just a bit empty even though you have the thing you wanted?

Or maybe I am the only one.

But I suspect I am not…

This football really isn’t much to look at.  And I bet that when it rolled off the production line at the Wilson football factory, no one had any idea what this ball would go through.  No idea the hundreds of hours of backyard football.  No idea the countless hours of driveway football that would happen at the Recker home.  No idea the number of times it would be thrown for the perfect touchdown pass or spiked to celebrate the game winner.  In a game that likely involved a score that looked more like a basketball game than a football game.

This football is priceless…

Not to anyone outside of our house.  Not to anyone else who needs a football.  I couldn’t sell it on marketplace.  I couldn’t sell it on eBay.  But that is ok.  Because it is not for sale.

It is one of those items that has true and deep meaning to it.  I get emotional when I look at that football in our basement, displayed next to a bunch of Lego ships and vehicles that have memories attached to them as well.

The football was around for arguments between brothers.  For countless new rules that were instituted.  For controversial calls of touchdown or not.  In bounds or not.  But also for joyous moments.  Sunday backyard Sabbath football.  A tradition like none other for us.

I think of the things we chase so we can have them…

Then we get them after all the hard work and anticipation.  And then what?  Are we just on to the next thing?  Are we right back in the game chasing again?

I have come face to face with this reality countless times in my life and I suspect you have as well.  That the things we hoped would give meaning fall short and leave us empty- emotionally and in our wallets.

In the second half of my life…

Which I am pretty sure I am currently living in, I want to chase the things that bring moments and memories.  Not just the things that I convince myself I have to have.  I want to chase experiences instead of the new and shiny.  The American economic engine is based on us constantly buying new and shiny things we don’t need even a little bit.  And I am as guilty as anyone.  But what if we chased different things and sought out memories, experiences, and moments?

What if we realized that at the end of our lives and at the end of each day, what will truly last is the moments we made, the experiences we truly lived, and not necessarily the new and shiny thing we worked so hard and sacrificed many moments to get.

This isn’t a rant against stuff…

There is nothing wrong with owning things.  But, at the end of the day, what are we really chasing?  And will it be worth the sacrifice?

Living in the moment.  Chasing moments.  Chasing experiences shared with others.  that sounds like true #WINtheNOW to me!

I can’t wait for the next time we get that football out, air it up, and make some more memories!  That is if it still holds air…

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And if you want to talk about what really matters, check out my coaching page.  Let’s have a conversation!


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