Wearing Multiple Hats

Dec 10, 2022

If you know me, you know I am a high-capacity kind of person.  What does that even mean?  I think it means God has blessed me with the ability to work at a high level in many arenas. This has played out as I have been a dentist for the last 20 years, but have also been a triathlete, pilot, mountain climber, husband, father, board member, owner of multiple businesses, and several other ventures.

Recently and often, I am asked by a patient, a friend, or an audience member at one of my talks, what is up with you?  Are you still a dentist?  Are you going to be a dentist?  Are you retiring?  Are you going to do something else full time? Pella is a small town and as people have seen me step into some other interests, they have questioned what my future looks like.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to provide some clarity.  Because I believe that clarity is kindness and I don’t want people wondering what I am up to. The unknown is an uncomfortable place to sit.

With that said, I want to provide what might be some good and bad news, depending on your perspective.  

I am not going anywhere as a dentist.  Although I have cut back my hours slightly to focus on some other exciting opportunities, I am still called 100% to be a dentist.  I hope that is the good news.  However, it might be bad news as you realize you are stuck with me for years to come! 🙂

Let me give you a moment to celebrate or grieve that last part… (LOL!)

And now for “the more.”

Here’s the thing- I love helping someone’s smile improve.  It brings me great joy.  I also want to help people’s heart to smile and help others live their best life.  This is done through sharing life together through a keynote speech, coaching, or interacting with my online content.

This is something I feel I have been doing most of my life.  Recently I have felt a call to lean even more into this.  With that said, I am launching my speaking, coaching, writing, and content creation business.  

So what does that mean?  I have been speaking to audiences and groups for the last few years about the #WINtheNOW message and how to become their best selves. I have also been doing this through one-on-one coaching and you have probably seen my social media channels. 

My new website, www.ericrecker.com is up and running and I couldn’t be more thrilled at how it turned out.  Please check it out for all things #WINtheNOW- ordering books, checking out what coaching is all about and if you might be a good fit, to see what I speak about, and to read my weekly blog.

In some ways I am living in two worlds.  But that is part of living a high capacity life.  I’m far from perfect but God has given me the ability to perform both with a high commitment to serving people well and doing it with excellence.  And I love both worlds!  As you probably know, I am a highly relational person.  And I don’t intend for that to change.

You can certainly listen to the coffee time rumors.  For example, I recently I learned that I am retiring from dentistry to do mission work.  I didn’t know that.  Certainly had a chuckle when I heard THAT one. 🙂 

By the way, I sure love helping out where I can around the world… but when it comes to the “mission field,” I know I’m called to serve in the mission field of my family, my dental practice and my business.

Yup… gotta love a small town. 

But… if you’ve been wondering what I’m up to… I wanted you to know the truth. 

I appreciate all of you so much.  I believe in you.  I’m so glad we’re connected AND I believe the best is yet to come. 



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