#WINtheNOW in the Quiet

Jul 18, 2021

Where is your quiet place?  Where so you go to recharge?  To listen?  To contemplate what might be next?  Where do you go to be still and know? Maybe I should be asking a different question.  Do you have a time or a place where you sit in silence and ponder life?  Do you routinely shut off distraction for intentional quiet?

Let me tell you this- if you don’t, now is as good as any to start.  There are hundreds of excuses usually centered around a few common themes.  I am too busy.  My head spins and I can’t slow it down.  And the popular- how am I supposed to do that.

Let me share a few of my favorites.  Let me first say that I am finding that, even in the midst of chaos and busyness that you never knew could exist, finding time for quiet is just about mandatory if you want to thrive.  It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, but to defeat the #falsesenseofurgency, we need to have a battle plan.  And that comes, at least in part, with the renewing of our mind.

My favorite places.  i have a prayer room in the basement of my office,  Nothing special.  If you have seen the movie War Room, you know what I am talking about.  It is 4×8.  There is a small chair and an ottoman and a Bible.  I also have an office in the basement of my house that I affectionately call the Bunker.  But today it was about 2000 feet about the ground in a Piper Warrior with noise cancelling headphones.

Nothing like flying over God’s creation surveying the beauty of all he has created and being quiet to take it all in.  Ok, I will admit.  I am rather fortunate to be able to do that.  But it doesn’t need to be anywhere that extravagant.  I know of closets that have been converted into places of prayer.  Some people sit on their patio or on a couch,  Any of these will work.

It will be best if you are undisturbed.  But take what you can get.  No phone unless you are playing quiet instrumental music.  All alone.  Your thoughts.  Resting.  Breathing in.  Breathing out.  And pause for a couple seconds and feel a light sinking feeling.  Repeat.  And repeat again.  Start out with a couple minutes.  Set a timer on your phone. See if you can work up to 10 or 15 minutes.  Just try it out.  There are so many blessings in silence and solitude.


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