You Are Now Free to Exit Your Comfort Zone

Jan 29, 2022

Recently I have had the opportunity to do some training on a new airplane (new for me). I am used to flying a rather basic plane.  I feel comfortable in it.  I know how it will respond to the inputs I give it.  It is predictable.  It is reliable.  Again, it is comfortable. And so I am faced with a choice.  I could fly that plane exclusively for the rest of my flying career.  I would largely not be challenged.  I would stay in my lane.  Fly within rather basic parameters.  Take a Saturday or Sunday morning flight here and there.  See the sky.  See creation from a different perspective.  Get some peace and quiet.  Escape the world below, if even for a moment.  And likely just a moment as I am finding texting and calling and emergencies related to work do not pause because I am in an airplane.

Recently, I decided that I am not ok with just flying the same plane.  Taking the same trips.  Doing the same routine.  Flying over the same things for the twentieth or more time.  it is time for a challenge.  Time to spread my wings.  So last weekend I started Cirrus training.  A Cirrus is a much more capable airplane.  It is more complicated.  It is safer in my opinion as it has an airframe parachute.  It is faster.  It is comfortable- as in it feels really good to sit in the seats.  And it will allow Amy and I to do more flying together.  I am a fly for the sake of flying type of pilot.  I always want to go up.  Amy wants to go from A to B.  She wants a purpose in flight.  And I can appreciate that.

So… a step out of the comfort zone.  A step up into a different airplane.  And then a step into instrument training.  Because I don’t want to get 10 years down the road and wish I would have.  I don’t want to should on myself.  I don’t want regrets.  I know that we get one shot at this life.  And i fully believe that if we are to #WINtheNOW and live our best life, we need to exit our comfort zones and try something that challenges us.

This flight training is not easy.  It is not for everyone.  But I won’t ever wish I had done it.  So what is that thing in your life that you are being called into?  What is that thing that you might have to go just a bit beyond normal to achieve?  And how will you feel if you pass it by now?  How will you feel if you miss your window?

I get one chance at life.  You get one chance at life.  And we can’t buy, rent, or lease extra time.  So I hope that you will listen.  To whatever you are being called to.  Step out of the boat.  There is a whole world out there.  Don’t miss it.



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