The Scary Reality Of Sunday Afternoon

Feb 11, 2023

Have you ever been there?

It is Sunday afternoon and you quickly hit the realization that you aren’t nearly ready for the week.  The weekend that seemed so big and so full of promise just a short 48 hours ago has dissolved and here you are.  Stewing.  Fretting.  Worried.  Fearful.  About the week to come.

Why are you here?

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  After all, on Friday you told yourself this weekend would be different.  You told yourself you would refuel better.  You told yourself you would rest and recover and be ready for the week.  You told yourself that you would finally have that Sunday that you feel ready for whatever is to come.

But Friday night you had stuff to do and the busyness and overwhelm of the week made it hard to decompress and you stayed at the elevated level you were at.  You tried to sleep but you replayed the week in your head or thought about how badly you needed Friday night and it already came and went.

And then Saturday comes with all its promise and a lighter calendar.  Today will be the day.  But with no structure often comes bad choices.  And the majority of the day was spent on screens or even worse, on multiple screens at the same time.

No judgment.  I promise.  I have been the two-screen guy.  At the wrong times.  When I really needed something else.  When I really needed to rest and be away from constant stimulation.  But I didn’t choose it.  I chose a dopamine drip that messed with my pleasure centers and left me strangely anxious and strangely wanting something more that I couldn’t put my head around.

And the Sunday comes. An ok night of sleep on Saturday night, possibly interrupted by a big meal that didn’t digest well or one extra drink too close to bedtime or staying awake in bed scrolling for too long or watching two extra shows on Netflix before calling it.

It’s Sunday and you wake up much less rested than you hoped for.  Never fear.  It is Sunday.  I will go to church and that will be the thing.  That will recharge me and get me ready.

And yet here you are.  You simply aren’t ready.  And Sunday afternoon becomes ground zero for this reality.

If this IS you or if this has ever been you, let me offer a glimmer of hope.

You are ready.  More than your mind will let you believe.  And remember all of the weeks you have gotten through when you thought you weren’t ready?  That was God.  Remember what he can do.  Even with someone who feels grossly unready for the week to come.

And sit in that faithfulness.  Remember that you’ve got this because God has got you.  He would leave the 99 for you in a heartbeat.  And that is really good news!

And as far as next week goes- you know you will start to feel that way as the week comes to an end like it always does.

This Sunday let’s make it different.  What is one thing that you can do to actually refuel and gain some of the ground back that you have lost due to simply pouring out too much.

And then schedule that thing!  Whether it be exercise, yoga, quiet, reading, journaling, a conversation or coffee with a friend, a meal with your family that is undisturbed by phones.

And then follow through with your schedule and give yourself the gift of a little recharge.

So that Sunday doesn’t sneak up on you this time.

You got this.  I believe in you.

And as always, #WINtheNOW.

If you find yourself needing a little help setting up a better routine and some good habits, check out my coaching page.  Let’s have a conversation.


  1. Chris Keel

    I needed this this morning. God is good

    • Eric Recker

      Thanks for your comment! I agree! God is good!


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