What If This Week You…

Feb 25, 2023

A new week.  A blank slate.  A new set of opportunities and possibilities.  

A new set of seven days ready for your awesome.  

I remember dreading that blank slate.  Hoping against hope that I had more time.  Wishing that it wasn’t Sunday.  

And then I flipped the script.  I changed the game.  I developed a new mindset.  

I stared down opportunities instead of obligations.  Lived in expectancy instead of expectation.

So… what if this week you flipped the script?

What if this week you started to believe in yourself… what might happen?

What if this week you looked in the mirror and saw what God sees… what might happen?  

What if this week you decided to seek out people to bless and then followed through… what might happen?

What if this week you sent an encouraging text every day… what might that ripple effect look like?

What if this week you paid it forward to someone who needs it… how might that bless another?

What if this week you gave a hand up to someone who is less fortunate than you?

What if this week you took a little time to refresh and refuel to be ready for whatever is next… how might you be strengthened?

What if this week you truly listened to someone else’s story without judgment and understood the rest of their story?

I believe this is your week! 

It won’t happen accidentally!  It will take intention.  It will take perseverance.  It will take belief that good days are ahead and that you can be a part of the movement!  

As you read this and ponder how it might fit in your life, take a few moments and realize you are more equipped for the week ahead than you think!  You have the tools.  You have the abilities.  You are the only person in the world that is unequivocally qualified to be perfectly you!  

And that is a reason to celebrate!  

What are you dreading this week? No.  Not this week!   What if you flipped the script and instead asked what opportunities are ahead of me this week?

What if this week you took the fork in the road and headed down the road less traveled… the one where you are authentically you and you use it to bless the world?

I believe in you!  I hope you do as well!

Get out there and #WINtheNOW!

And if you need one more shot of encouragement about the week ahead, check out this blog I wrote about Mondays!


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