Being a 5-Good Human

Mar 4, 2023

Recently we had dinner with a couple of good friends.

Nights like these are great and we always find ourselves saying goodbye about five times before we finally decide it is time to call it a night. For anyone who is familiar with the Iowa goodbye, you know what I am talking about.

As they left, Amy and I pondered why we felt so good and uplifted. We came to a really simple but profound answer- nothing negative had been said the entire night.  Our friends taught a master class in how to speak positivity and be light.  We couldn’t think of a negative thing that was said all night.

This really struck us and has become a challenge for the fabulous Amy Recker and myself.

The challenge is this…

We are trying to change our default mindset to a much more positive, uplifting one.

Research is actually all over the place on this, but it is consistently agreed that we need to hear at least five positive things for every one negative thing to grow and to have hope of being positive ourselves.

So how are you doing with this?

In the things you consume (social media, email, news, videos, books, movies, TV shows, conversations, interactions with friends), do you find predominantly positive or negative themes?  Is it really any wonder at all that we are crumbling as a society as we are surrounded by negativity?

And anything less than that ratio drives us toward the negative side of the spectrum.

I am trying to be a 5-good human.  And I would challenge you to do the same.  Especially with our words.  When we speak to those we love, care about, interact with in any way, or do life with, can we at least develop an awareness of the words that are coming out of our mouths?

I have a confession to make…

I am naturally negative.  Much of that comes from my distant past, but I naturally go negative and can easily, if left unchecked, jump right into a conversation of negativity and judgment and feel right at home.  But as someone who was also on the receiving end of that negativity, it hurts.  And it is hard to grow in that environment.

So here’s the challenge for me.  And I hope for you as well.  The things we say- can we aim for at least five positive things for every negative thing we say.  Start by just being aware of the things you say, the conversations you are involved in, and the influences in your life.  Then see if any of them have to go or if you can try to turn the tide with positive words and steering conversations away from the negative.

I have a suspicion that I think is true.

If we all tried to be 5-good type of people, that is a world I would want to be a part of.  Give yourself grace here.  The world is a negative place. But there is hope! Let’s be 5-good people.

Doing good is always a phenomenal way to #WINtheNOW.  Have a great week!

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